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Jacque (Rank 85th) says:

Thanks for asking. Makes me feel like I have no life...LOL. Well at least that's what my kids say.

isotopian (Rank 2243rd) says:

So what makes you a Captain?

debra_hamel (Rank 175th) says:

Thanks for stopping by, Cap'n. Your long list of friends makes me realize how alone I am on Frenzic.... (sobbing)

bigdaddymac (Rank 12th) says:

Thanks Captain. Had Buzz standing on my desk, couldn't resist. End of Line.

sweetheart (Rank 2599th) says:

Hi Captain Ged! It's me, Sweetheart. Gota goto bed

sweetheart (Rank 2599th) says:

I'm getting tired of waiting for messages. Will you send me one please? Thanks anyway:)

sweetheart (Rank 2599th) says:

UMMMMMMM............... my favorite is.......... lets see well all the colors! I lov filling in the x2 and nooks . P.S. thanks for the note.

Austinator (Rank 3571st) says:

I am the scariest skull ever.

Nacho (Rank 4th) says:

I had not played in a while, but I think I´m getting a hang of it. Slow timer helps a lot :D

Nacho (Rank 4th) says:

Captain Ged sorry to bother u, but I have a question. When u skip a piece, the next piece coming is the one you would actually get if you succesfully put the one before? Or it changes?

I hope I made clear my question xD

FrenzicPrincess (Rank 648th) says:

Hello There!

Just thought I'd better be friends with an admin , )

Great quote!