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Frenzic for Nintendo DSi

Minutes to learn and months to master, Frenzic is a puzzle-basedgame for iPhone, Android, Nintendo DSi, and Mac OS X.

  • “Apple should include [Frenzic] with every iPhone.” Ars Technica
  • “This is a game you can - and will - play for hours on end.” Slide To Play
  • “The DSi makes the game better than ever.” IGN
  • “It's so perfectly suited to touch screen controls that it's hard to believe it wasn't designed for the iPhone all along.” Daring Fireball
  • “The Frenzic UI is just so sharp, responsive, and downright perfect for the iPhone platform!” TheAppleBlog
  • “The way [Frenzic] expertly turns the screw on your nerves as the time limit gets tighter and tighter remains as compelling as ever.” Pocket Gamer

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