Talos Tsui's Strategy Guide to Frenzic

Around the office we call him the "Frenzinator". Since the day Frenzic was first play tested around the Iconfactory, Talos has somehow managed to stand head and shoulders above the rest of us in our quest to become the supreme Frenzic Grandmaster. He is consistently at the top of the high score list and just when you think you have him beat, he posts a higher score.

How does he do it? Can he be beat?

After some major arm twisting and substantial bribery with the latest, cool action figures, Talos has agreed to impart some helpful game play tips and tricks for anyone looking for a wedge up. As they say, knowledge is power, so power-up!

Starting the Game

As each game begins, the timer moves at its slowest rate. So this is the perfect time to try and rack up both extra lives as well as each of the three power-ups. Lives come in very handy down the line as the timer increases and decision time is severly limited. The more lives you can earn early going, the better.


Talos attempts to earn powerups quickly at the start of each game and then use them within the first few minutes. In this way there is usually enough time to earn them a second time and then save those powerups for use near the end. You should try and use the x2 power-up as often as you can to boost score levels. A x2 power-up waiting to be used is double points not being earned.

One of Talos' secret tricks is to obtain the x2 and Nuke Power-ups and use them in a super point earning combo. The strategy is this: earn both of these powerups and then fill the board with as many pieces as you can. When you don't think you can place any more pieces successfully without losing a life, activate the x2 power-up and then quickly nuke! You will clear the entire board and earn double points for every piece in the process!

Lastly, even if you play with a mouse, you should try and train yourself to activate power-ups via the keyboard controls. Hit "Z" to activate the slow timer power-up, "X" to nuke the board and clear all pieces, and "C" to activate x2 and double all point values for a short time. By using the keyboard instead of clicking with the mouse, you won't lose precious time later in the game when every millisecond counts.

"Set your color patterns early! I use purple for the Nuke pie, orange for Slow Timer and green for x2. This helps me stay consistent every time I play."

Beating the Timer

As the game progresses, the timer starts to make life very difficult. Talos' strategy as the timer increases is to simply try to fill one pie at a time. He moves clockwise around the board filling pies and clearing them as he goes. You might have to expand placing pieces into a few other pies using this method however, and if so try to keep the same wedge slot empty. This will help you to remember which wedge is missing so when it comes up, use it!

In the Zone

Talos' biggest tip relates to the end game when the timer is moving almost too fast to see. At this stage Talos' trick is not to try and look at the individual pies, but to stare at the center of the board. He de-focuses his eyes and tries to take in the entire scheme of where wedges are needed in his peripheral vision. Using this approach, he's been able to outlast all of us and reach the insane level of scores that none of us thought was possible.

If possible, try not to pause the game when you play. At the start of a new game, pausing isn't really an issue, but later when the timer increases in speed, pausing can throw off your entire rhythm when you try to resume play. Talos has found that its difficult, if not impossible to recover once this has happened so its best to avoid it all together especially when you are on a roll.


Perhaps the biggest tip Talos can offer is not to give up. If you have one or two bad games, don't get discouraged, just play again. Because just when you think you may be down and out, wedges will fall into place and suddenly you'll have 5 extra lives. You earn a Nuke and x2 power-up and you are livin' large! The beauty of Frenzic is that each new chance at fame is only a few wedges away. Enjoy!