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Frenzic for Windows Phone 7

Minutes to learn and months to master, Frenzic is a puzzle-basedgame for iPhone, Android, Nintendo DSi, and Mac OS X.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my login/password/registration. Can you send it to me?

Yes. If you are using the mobile version of Frenzic simply tap the Settings button, enter your email address and tap the Send button to send yourself your login info. If you are using the desktop version and are are currently logged into the Frenzic website, logout. Then click here to have your current login, password, and registration information sent to the email address you registered with.

For which platforms is Frenzic available?

Frenzic is currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch, Android, Nintendo DSi, as well as a desktop version for Mac OS X.

How are points scored in Frenzic?

Any time a piece is placed or cleared from the board, you earn points. When filling pies, the more pieces of the same color you use, the more points you will receive. Bonus points are earned by completing single color pies as well as earning the x2 power-up.

Why do I receive some pieces that can't be placed?

One of the objects of the game is to place pieces and keep enough pie slots open for any piece you are given. If you could place *every* piece that the game gave you, you would never die and the game would go on forever. Players would simply tap or click mash until the piece was placed and strategy would get thrown out the window.

The challenge is to balance the need to complete whole pies for maximum points) with the need to keep space open for oncoming pie pieces. The longer you wait to complete a pie (by holding out for one color or by simply not placing pieces optimally), the more likely it becomes that you'll get a piece you cannot place. It's tough to be sure, but this is part of the strategy that sets some players apart from others.

What are "Devotion" levels"?

Devotion levels (available on the Mac OS X and iPhone versions) are a fun way for you to tell the rest of the Frenzic world how dedicated you are to filling those pies! Devotion is measured by how much time you have racked up playing Frenzic.

What is the difference between rank and position?

A player's overall rank is determined by his or her best score versus all other player's best scores. Position is simply where any individual game played stands in the roster of all scores.

I just beat my old high score - why hasn't my rank increased?

Players are always posting new scores and because of this, ranks can fluctuate wildly. One moment you are 10th best, the next you might be 20th. In addition, rank is not calculated on the fly, but at set intervals on the Frenzic server. If you do not see your rank change immediately after posting a new score, check back in a little while and see if it has updated. If you are playing Frenzic on the iPhone or iPod touch, your network connection may not currently be available and therefore your latest scores may not have been updated. The next time you play a game or tap on the High Scores screen with an active network connection, Frenzic will sync your current set of scores to

Can I play Frenzic without an internet / network connection?

Yes, an internet connection isn't required to play. You can play as many games of Frenzic as you like, your scores simply won't be synced to the global high score server for other players to see.

What is the difference between completing pies of one color versus pies of made up of multiple colors?

Completing random (multi-colored) pies gains you points only. Completing whole (single color) pies gains you not only double points, but also lives. You receive one extra life for every whole pie you successfully complete. In addition, if you complete whole pies in one of three power-up spaces, you not only gain an extra life, but also the associated power-up.

What is the purpose of power-ups?

Completing single color pies in any one of the three power-up spaces gains you extra abilities for a short time. Power-ups can really come in handy in tight situations as the game progresses and can often extend your play time and score significantly.

I'm colorblind. Can I still play Frenzic?

Frenzic features customizable color settings to enable colorblind players to join in the fun. Colors may be adjusted in the Frenzic "Options" panel for either tritanopia, protanopia, or deuteranopia.

What is the purpose of "Location Services" in the iPhone version of Frenzic?

Turning on Location Services in the mobile version of Frenzic allows you to track high scores of players who are geographically near you. Any other player of the iPhone version of Frenzic (including yourself) within 100km of your current location will show up on the Best Local Scores leaderboard. If you don't want your scores tagged with your location, then we recommend keeping the Location Services set to the default setting of "off".

How do I install and use the Frenzic widget on Mac OS X?

First, you'll need to download the widget. If you are using Safari, installation should begin automatically once the download is complete. Otherwise, double-click the downloaded file to decompress it, then double-click the decompressed Frenzic Widget file to begin the install. The Widget Installer will pop up a dialog box asking if you would like to install the widget. Click the "Install" button and Dashboard will automatically open and place the widget on the desktop. Once you see the widget loaded onto the screen, click the "Keep" button to complete the installation.

To use the widget, simply type in the screen name of the player you want to track, and click the "Done" button. Remember, you can drag more than one copy of the widget onto the screen if you'd like to track multiple players at the same time.

What's the story behind "Frenzic"?

This history of Frenzic stretches all the way back to 1990 when the game's creator, Wolfgang Ante, was watching a cheesy game show similar to Wheel of Fortune. The show involved spinning a big wheel and a ball inside would land on money values for contestants to win big prizes. Wolfgang came up with the concept of placing pie wedges in a circle against a timer and "Leblon" was born.

Yes, the original name for Frenzic was Leblon and it was first created for the Atari ST platform way back in the 1990's. The game made its way from one platform to another over the years including MS-DOS (never published), Apple System 7, NEXTstep (never published) and now Mac OS X with the new name and updated game play, Frenzic. So the next time you fill in one of those pies, just remember the journey that little wedge made to earn you your points! :-)

System Requirements

iPhone and iPod Touch

  • iPhone OS 2.1 or later on an iPhone or iPod Touch


  • Android OS Version 2.0 and above
  • Screen Resolution of 480x800 or 480x850
  • Wi-fi required for online scores

Nintendo DSi

  • A Nintendo DSi

Windows Phone 7

  • A Windows Phone 7 device

Mac OS X Desktop

  • Intel or PPC-based Mac (G4 or better)
  • 32MB of video card memory
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Internet connection for interactive high scores
  • Mouse or other input device recommended but not required