Frenzic Overtime

Frenzic: Overtime is a fast-paced puzzler you can pick up and play for five minutes or five hours!

  • Over 100 fun, challenging levels to test your reflexes
  • Hundreds of mini-goals packed with strategy
  • Exciting, family-friendly graphics and sound

WhizBot’s Strategy Tips

  • Multi-tasking? Maybe not.

    Try focusing on just one goal at a time at a given level. This way you can concentrate on certain chips and ignore the rest. Pick them off one by one!

  • Take one for the team

    Sometimes it’s better to take a strike and have a tough chip be ejected than to play it. Works great, but only if you have strikes to spare, so be careful!

  • R & D to the Rescue

    If you get stuck on a level or a particular goal, remember WhizBot is there to help in R & D. A well-placed powerup may be all you need to succeed.

  • Leverage your core competencies

    Complete solid-color powercores in quick succession and your multiplier chain will soar, earning more squarks. Any completed powercore keeps the chain from breaking, but doesn’t level up.

  • Poison pill

    Virus chips make great weapons in your fight for goals. Unleash them on other chips like Slicers to keep your Squarks from getting blasted to bits.

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